Tourist area that includes two harbors hosting small fishing boats and yachts.

The piers are properly designed and offered for a walk while the area in front of Limeniskos is configured in an outdoor free parking lot to ensure easy access of residents and visitors to the sea. In parts of the Land Zone Limenos there are many shops of health interest (cafes, restaurants, fish taverns, taverns, etc.). The coastline of Limeniskos is suitable for sea baths.

The Land Port Zone extends to a length of 1325 meters and has a width up to the coastline of up to 75 meters.

The small harbor opening to the northeast has windward pier 300 meters in length and width of 15 meters. The leeward is 40 meters long and 15 meters wide. Its mouth is 62 meters and the area of the basin is about 10 acres.

The small harbor with opening Southwest length internal platform 275 meters and accommodates boats and small pleasure boats.

According to the legislation (L.2971 / 01) to the jurisdiction of the Elefsis Port Authority SA belongs the sea zone 500 meters wide from the shoreline in front of the green line of the Land Zone Limenos.

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