It is located to the west of the Central Harbor and is used today for the docking of personnel and material boats to the ships that are located and for the accommodation of small pleasure boats. The land areas of the port can be characterized as non-mines. The port is 150m wide and 120m wide, while the depths range from 1.50m to 6m. The port is protected by the waves of the West - Southwest sector due to the existence of a 170m about. The mouth of the harbor is 25m wide with depths from 8 to 9 m. The port is protected by the rivers of the South - South Easat by virtue of the presence of a jetty (Provincial pier) of approximately 240m.


  • Port of service for fishing boats and yachts.
  • Business boats, transport of persons and food carriers to and from the Elefsis anchorage.



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