The main port (which is of a purely commercial nature) is a fenced facility with two moles forming the harbor. The big mole is 300m long. and width 80 m. and serves mostly ships of the international voyage, bulk cargo, and rarely liquid cargo. This mound is covered with reinforced concrete. The small pier separating the Main Port from Old Port is about 165 m long and 7 m wide. and serves professional passenger and goods transport boats in the wider area of ​​Elefsis Port (anchorage, ferry ship decommissioning etc.) as well as serving tugboats providing services in the port. The upper level of the Limenas Quay is + 1.50m. by the MSF and the useful depth is between 7.50-8.00m. The total length of the quayboats that berth ships is 1037m. It has two weighbridges for weighing the moving loads. The main loads serviced in the installation are iron products, fertilizers, glass sand etc.


  • cargo ships, international voyages and domestic voyages.
  • Business boats, transport of persons and food carriers to and from the Elefsis anchorage.



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